Big Game

…..I began several tangent projects including ones where the characters were used to reenact scenes from familiar historical photographs that involved shooting (but with guns implied by either a stick or finger).  It was a kind of layering of fiction over non-fiction. It was from here that I created my first cycloramic photographic installation, Big Game. Taken by an unidentified photographer in the 1920’s, the original photograph depicts a hunter facing down a wounded lion.  In my vignette version, called The Hunter, 2005, my male character plays the hunter and my female character plays the lion.

The Hunter, 2005

Chromogenic print, 30 x 60 inches

…..For the full installation Big Game, 2005, I included a depiction of the photographer on the opposing wall. In this way I implicate the viewer in this triangle of tension experienced during the original ‘shooting’ and speculate on the role of the photographer. [The installation was created out of 600 ink-jet prints that were then pieced together to fit the room.]

Big Game, 2005

Installation view of West Wall, 5 x 65 feet

The video seen below is an animated version of the vignette referring back to the original photograph.

Big Game, 2010
Video and sound by Karen Ostrom


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