Glovemaker’s Hand gLoves

…..The Glovemaker, originally defined as a secondary character in the fictional village of Hope, unexpectedly took on a life of its own spawning a series of photographs, a cycloramic installation, an animation (Hand gLove, 2009) and video projections, currently in progress. The Glovemaker has led to a series of works about prosthesis, gesture and the anthropomorphizing of a latex glove hybridized with a human hand – an object I call the handglove. One of the most important characters of the village because of his craftsmanship and skill in hand-crafting the handglove, the Glovemaker becomes a tragic and ironic figure, sitting on the brink of being obsolete due to the mechanization of the very hands that create the village.

The Glovemaker, 2005

Author, Judith Dupre writes about The Glovemaker in her book
Full of Grace; Encountering Mary in Faith, Art, and Life, published November 2010:

In this image we see one such resident, the Glovemaker, who toils relentlessly making gloves. Ironically his job is about to become obsolete because many items once made by hand are now made by machines. Nonetheless, he is hard at work in his small shop, literally breathing life into the gloves, or hands that will create still other works. According to the artists, she originally conceived the Glovemaker as a secondary character who labored in the periphery of the fishing village. Because of his craftsmanship and dedication, however, he emerged as one of the most important characters in Hope. Like Joseph, he is the humble, earthly  manifestation of the cosmic artisan.


Vetude #1 is the beginnings of a larger installation currently in progress. The installation comprises of a numerous video projections with sound falling in and out of synch.





Untitled, 2009


12 Sketches for a String Quartet, 2009


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